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Functional Medicine in Central Arkansas

Discover the Root Causes of Your Health Problems

Does it seem like you’ve tried *everything,* yet you’re still struggling to feel energetic and healthy? Have you lost your quality of life and merely existing?

Dr. Keith Currie offers a unique combination of Western Medical Testing with Natural and Nutritional Healthcare, to help you finally feel your best.

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Dr. Currie Helps Patients Who Have

Type 2 Diabetes

Low Energy

Weight Issues

Slow Metabolism

Thyroid Issues

Hormone Imbalances

Brain Fog

Digestive Issues

Clear Mind and More Energy

“I have a close family friend that saw Dr. Currie years ago and she’s still doing great. Dr. Currie worked with me through nutrition and I’ve lost 20 pounds, feel healthier, I have a much clearer mind, and much more energy.”
Britney L.

Heartburn Gone

“I suffered for years from horrific acid reflux and heartburn. Dr. Currie worked with me and it is completely gone. I don’t have any acid reflux problems now. I lost over 10 pounds and feel much better overall. Thank you, Dr. Currie, for helping me get my life back.”
Gary J.

How is functional medicine different?

The human body is a complex, interconnected system. When one area is out of balance, like the gut or blood sugar regulation, it creates inflammation. This stresses the entire system creating a domino effect of potential health challenges.

Dr. Currie focuses on finding the underlying drivers of poor health, not just treating your symptoms.

So, how does the process work?

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Discover the Root Cause

Are you tired of just treating symptoms but not making real progress? As a functional practitioner, I take a holistic approach to identifying what’s really driving your health problems.

Through customized testing and evaluation, we’ll uncover underlying imbalances and determine the key factors holding you back from wellness.


Create a Tailored Recovery Plan

Once the root causes are clear, it’s time to turn things around. I’ll craft a personalized plan designed specifically for your unique physiology and lifestyle.

Repairing your gut health, reducing inflammation, increasing energy, balancing blood sugar and more – these customized strategies will give your body what it needs to begin rebalancing naturally.


Partner for Long-Lasting Healing

True wellness requires support. As your ally, I’m here for you every step of the journey. Together we’ll monitor progress, tweak the plan as needed and solve any new issues that arise.

By empowering your innate healing and working as a team, we will overcome challenges and get you feeling your absolute best!

Improvements in a few months.

“I had a deep vein occlusion behind my right eye 2 years ago. Since that occurred, I have been legally blind in that eye. Dr. Currie ran some lab tests and found that my homocysteine was very high. He put together a plan for me to get healthier.

I lost 25 pounds and my ophthalmologist told me that my eyesight has improved in my eye. I have been having injections for years in that eye with no improvement and within just a few months of working with Dr. Currie, there was a measurable improvement.”
Larry B.

I couldn’t be more pleased.

“I suffered from extreme fatigue and anxiety. I own my own business, so it became a real problem for me. I told Dr. Currie about my fatigue, anxiety, tightness across my abdomen, sleep difficulties, and other health problems. He put together a plan for me that I followed to the T.

I can say that I have no more anxiety and my bowel movements are normal. I’m sleeping through the night and have energy levels that have surpassed where I have been for many years. I couldn’t be more pleased. I believe that if you follow Dr. Currie’s recommendations, that he can help almost anyone.”
Jerry P.

Functional Medicine Services

Integrative Primary Care

Lab Testing & Analysis

Microbiome Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

Heavy Metal Testing

Neurotransmitter Testing

Hormone Testing

Spinal Decompression


Personalized Nutrition Plans

Class IV Laser Therapy

Vibration Therapy

Meet Dr. Keith Currie

“I believe that the body was made to heal and repair itself. The body doesn’t just turn on itself for no reason. When you are having health problems, there is always something causing it.

It’s my job to figure it out for my patients. They are counting on it and that is what gets me excited. They know that I am going to give them my all.”

– Doctor Keith Currie, D.C.

I can enjoy myself again.

“I had cancer years before seeing Dr. Currie and a lot was set back for me. I am in remission, but I’ve had severe fatigue and have been unwell since.  Now I’m practically off of the medications, I’m doing natural products, I’m in the best health I’ve been in about 10 years!

I was so drugged out on medication and now I’m not. I wouldn’t be like this if I hadn’t of met him. I appreciate him and I thank him because now I have a whole life again, a family life. I can go, I can do, and I can enjoy myself again.”
Alice J.

Improved quality of life.

“I was a patient of Dr. Currie’s 10 years ago for severe back and leg pain. I found out that he was doing functional medicine and decided that I wanted to get healthier. I didn’t have any energy and also suffered from anxiety and depression.

Dr. Currie put a lot of time into helping me improve my quality of life. I am much healthier, have no anxiety, lost 20 pounds and my complexion has improved.”
Kim P.

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