Dr. Currie works to find the cause of disease in his patients.  He believes that the body was made to heal and repair itself.  Dr. Currie has a “leave no stone unturned” approach and conducts comprehensive testing in order to identify the cause of illness.  Once the cause is identified, he puts together customized protocols for each of his patients.  

All Dr. Currie programs are 100-percent medication free and non-surgical. He believes the body heals and repairs itself – given the chance.

Specializing in helping patients become as healthy as possible.

How Can Dr. Currie Help You?

Dr. Currie practices functional medicine.  He works hard to stay on the cutting edge of natural healthcare so that people who are “sick and tired” of being sick and tired can have natural options.  Natural approaches to regaining health and wellness is what Dr. Currie is all about.  As a patient of Dr. Currie’s, you will receive the highest level of personal attention and detail as Dr. Currie goes to work for you.

Every person has their own set of health challenges and is unique.  In every effort to help you regain your health, Dr. Currie will put on his detective hat and go to work for you like no Dr. you have ever had before.  His goal is to identify the cause of your illness or disease in order put together the correct “game plan” to help you have as healthy and happy of a life as possible.

Dr. Currie’s goal with every patient is to guide you to get healthy naturally by helping you have:

  • A clear mind
  • Lose weight 
  • Improve brain health and nervous system function.  The gut is called the “2nd Brain”.  Therefore, gut health shouldn’t be a secondary point that gets addressed, it should be one of the first.  
  • Improve hormonal imbalances through helping your body self regulate.  Take you away from a chronic stress physiology can help you move towards a more balanced gut, brain and body.
  • Improve sleep quality by helping restore a more normal “circadian rhythm”.  Adrenal gland fatigue and other factors can be significant drivers in cortisol, affecting sleep in a negative way when out of balance.
  • Decrease systemic inflammation levels preventing breakdown of organ systems such as your nervous system, hair, skin, nails, digestive tract, etc…
  • Restore a healthy gastrointestinal tract by identifying possible infections, leaky gut syndrome, food sensitivities, etc…
  • Reduce anxiety – 90% of seratonin (the feel good and happy neurotransmitter) is made in your gut!  
  • Reduce brain fog and improve cognitive function
  • Calm down and regulate immune system function even in autoimmune disease.  Your liver is the master control center for inflammation in your body.  
  • Lean muscle mass preservation.  Loss of lean muscle is a driver of many health problems.  Getting you healthier through helping you get adequate levels of digestible and absorbable protein is very important.  
  • Improve blood sugar dysregulation.  Blood sugar imbalances cause inflammation and can lead to disease.  
  • Improve skin complexion by helping your body maintain and preserve proteins in your skin, digestive tract, and lean muscle.

Dr. Currie understands what lost quality of life means and will take your health very seriously.  He also understands the stress and worry you may be under because you know that you are sick (or unwell) but no one has been able to figure out why or do anything about it.  Dr. Currie will try to take the guess work out of it as he literally will hold you by the hand and help you walk toward better health.

All patients receive customized care.  Each case is unique and requires one on one attention and support.  Additional features include:

  • Detailed case history review and a specific plan of action that is customized for you and based on your history and laboratory tests.
  • Most up to date and relevant laboratory tests to identify the underlying causes of your health condition.  
  • Dr. Currie believes that if you are not testing, you are guessing.  He will take the time to explain your test results and will educate you about your condition.  He will provide you with a truly rare and unique Dr. patient experience.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about our practice. We look forward to helping you get well!

Are you tired of being sick?  Are you dealing with anxiety, depression or can’t lose weight?  Do you have unexplained digestive problems?

Now is the time to reclaim your life.  It’s as simple as sending us your first email or making the call to get your life headed back in the right direction.  

Dr. Currie attends seminars all around the United States on natural healthcare strategies.  He uses multiple laboratories with unique but proven tests in order to identify the underlying cause of your health condition.  Dr. Currie carefully selects the lab tests that he uses in order to get you back to better health as quickly as possible.  

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What patients think:

I suffered for years from horrific acid reflux and heartburn. Dr. Currie worked with me and it is completely gone. I don’t have any acid reflux problems now. I lost over 20 pounds and have much more energy and my mind is clear. Thank you, Dr. Currie, for helping me get my life back.

by - G. Jones