Are Antacids Safe? – Thyroid & Gut Health

What a loaded question.  When it comes to medications, antacids are generally considered a safe medication.  They most certainly can help give relief to many who suffer from heartburn, indigestion, acid reflux, and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, aka: “GERD”.

But, what about overall health?  How do antacids effect the body long term and what health conditions can they cause?

I think that many people don’t realize the risks associated with antacids.  Since antacids give most people relief from their burning or pain, some think that it’s an easy fix and that since they don’t have the symptoms any longer that everything is all good.  

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Is Protein the Fountain of Youth? – Thyroid & Gut Health

Is protein the fountain of youth?  Not really.  However, many people don’t get enough dietary protein (or are not absorbing what they do get) and are therefore deficient. When you are deficient in protein, many critical bodily systems can go into a compromised state and lead to poor health and disease. This is a really … Read more